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Tips for ordering


When finding the amount of concrete you need, Measurements aren't always exact, so we highly recommend our customers to order a little bit extra. A good rule of thumb is to take your calculation and add anywhere from 5-10% of the total to account for waste, spillage, over excavation, settlement, loss of entrained air, and other changes in volume. Remember, you can order concrete in half yard increments.


Slump is a measurement of the consistency of the concrete. A 4 inch slump is ideal. Keep in mind adding one gallon of water per cubic yard can decrease the compressive strength of concrete by 150-200 psi, waste cement, and increase shrinkage by 10%. This can be problematic for those who pour in freeze/thaw conditions.


Strength is most commonly measured by the designed compressive strength in pounds per square inch (PSI) of a hardened cylinder of concrete. Any slab exposed to freeze thaw conditions should be a minimum of 4000psi. Estate concrete offers 3500, 4000, 4500, and 5000 psi concrete.

Concrete Washout

You will need to provide a contained area for trucks to washout. This area would not allow fluids to seep into surrounding areas. We have portable washout boxes available for a fee. inquire with dispatcher.

Air entrained concrete

Air-entraining admixtures facilitate the development of a system of microscopic air bubbles within concrete during mixing. They increase the freeze-thaw durability of concrete. We recommend you order air entrained concrete when pouring in freezing/thaw conditions, or for concrete exposed to weather.

Non-Air entrained concrete

Air entrained admixtures should not be used on floors when attempting to achieve a dense and smooth surface.

Non air entrained concrete is ideal for interior work, and for hard troweled finishes.


Sika 440

Sika 440 is a hydration controlling admixture this allows the concrete to stabilize for long periods without affecting the concretes durability.


Fiber reduces crack growth and increase the impact strength. Fiber-reinforced concrete improves resistance against freezing and thawing.

Sika Air-160

Air-entraining facilitate the development of air bubbles within concrete during mixing. It increase the freeze-thaw durability of concrete, increase resistance and improve workability.


Accelerator makes concrete set faster by increasing the rate of hydration also they promote strength development so it happens earlier in the set time of a slab.


Calcium produces an accelerated rate of hydration in cement while also warming the concrete mixture and allows workability of placement in cold weather.

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